Senin, 14 Mei 2012

First Time Participated

So, for the first time, on 2012 i'm participated in JGE (Jogja Game Expo). What is JGE? JGE is a competition about game mobile application. JGE is hold on UGM, Jogja that participate with NOKIA Indonesia
At first, my friend, Gilang and I decided to make a platformer game. But, because it's need a lot of ability to make a platformer games and also the deadline is about 2 weeks left, so we decided to make a simple games but in an addictive ways to play it.
What games? The title of our game is "Run Run Run!!" In this game, the player must avoid the obstacles that comes ahead. In this game the character can fly to avoid the obstacles easily but if they can get a power-ups box.
But unfortunately, on May, 13th 2012 the committee decided that our game didn't get into the finals. It's okay because it was my first experience in this competition and i'm really enjoy on it XD.

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